Monday, January 23, 2012

4 Episodes and counting - Win Prizes!

We've had 4 episodes so far on New World Order Chat Radio. We've covered a range of topics that are collapse news related, and our primary disaster preparedness topics. Food and Water, and this weekend hopefully shelter. We're trying to line up  a special guest for this weekends show.

Unfortunately the last few episodes  have been kind of sketchy as to if I was going to have them or not. My co-host has had some internet issues and isn't able to get on to do the shows. So I'm the sole person and may have to figure out who will be the co-host or go it alone. With a co-host I think I do best, alone might be kind of scary.

If there are any specific topics you would like for us to touch on please let us know.

Our primary topics we have lined up so far.
  • Water
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Security
  • Communication
And whatever else branches off that.

We're also having a Name the show contest. You've got until Sunday 1/28/2012 to enter. Then we will post the submissions we have received and let you the listeners vote on them. We're giving away a medkit. To enter click Enter to Win on our website

Thanks for listening.

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